Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set Review

If the Amazon reviews don’t already speak for them self, let me once again make it known that the Pinemeadow PRE 16-Piece Complete Golf Set is an absolute steal! Any beginner looking for an affordable yet reliable set should look no farther then the Pinemeadow PRE. Not only do you get super forgiving drivers and irons, but you are also guaranteeing yourself a great golf outing everytime. BE it that you are just starting out or are an intermediate golfer. The Pinemeadow PRE is a perfect golf club set for any and all skill levels.

Stylish and very beginner forgiving drivers, irons, and bag will have you feeling confident in your golf swings stroke after stroke. The Pinemeadow PRE Golf Club Set will allow you to focus on the more important things in golf, like deciding which iron to use and approach with. Also consider the vast amount of money you are saving with the Pinemeadow PRE. With the extra cash you can then schedule yourself extra golf lessons or even more time on the driving range. Don’t look any father then the Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set. It is sure to not disappoint! 

The set also includes a full range of stainless-steel irons (4 through 9 and pitching wedge)–each with perimeter-weighted heads, a wide cavity back design, an oversized sweet spot, and a tour-style grip. And once you’ve reached the green, you can pull out the Pre mallet putter, which is weighted for an improved feel and response. The putter allows you to align the ball precisely each time, giving you the confidence to make important putts. To complete the set, Pinemeadow added a lightweight dual-strap carrying bag with an integrated kickstand and rain hood.

What’s in the bag?

Driver: Titanium enhanced 10.5 degree driver engineered for maximum distance and power. Equipped with a controlled launch graphite shaft and custom head cover included.

Fairway Wood #3: 15 Degree fairway wood with graphite shaft and low profile head design for better shots from the fairway and rough. Graphite shaft and custom head cover included.

Hybrids 3H: The 21-degree hybrid provides a versatile option from any type of lie for improved play. Equipped with a premium steel shaft and custom head cover.

Irons 5-PW: The 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and PW stainless steel irons are designed with perimeter weighted heads, wide cavity back design, and an oversized sweet spot. Irons are built with premium steel shafts and tour style grips..

Putter: The Pre Mallet putter is weighted for improved feel and response. This putter allows you to align the ball right each time and gives you greater confidence to make important putts.

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