Golf Tips For Beginners

Golf Tips For Beginners

Congratulations! You’ve decided to learn one of the greatest and most rewarding sports…GOLF!

The next question you’re thinking is: How do you get started with golf? First things first is you need to pick yourself up a beginner golf club set! Next? Lets pick up some books and videos from some of the all time greatest golfers!
Tip: Go out to your local driving range with your new clubs just to get a feel for everything. Also ask about lessons.  
To that end: Golf is a game where patience is rewarded. One cannot expect to go on a few outings and expect to hit Par. Practice and determination is the key to becoming a successful golfer.

This post is laid out to help you start golfing. This post’s sole purpose is to help answer the never-ending questions: “How do I start out in golf”, “Strategies for golfing”, “How do I learn to golf quickly?”, and “What are some tips for a beginning golfer?”.

Bottom Line: I can not give you the answer for your situation. Everyone has their own goals, budget, work situation, etc. However, I can share the many methods successful beginners have used to polish their skills in golf. I will also share my own experiences.

P.S: If you’re looking to accelerate your progression in golf please check out the Power Point Golf Guide. This guide has helped countless amounts of golfers bring their golf game to the next level. We are sure it wil be a huge help to you. Happy golfing!

Learning Golf >> Other Gear You’ll Need

After you get clubs, here are some more things you’ll need:.

Learning Golf >> Studying From Books & Videos

The rest of the post is dedicated to those that are interested in self-studying to learn golf. Don’t get me wrong, getting a lesson is also very beneficial in a golfers progress. However when first starting off in golf I highly recommend doing the below readings and implementing them on your own. After that you can get lessons to refine your golf skills. It’s an exciting, vast world the world of golf. One that I hope you can share in my excitement someday! The golf world is much more involved than just drivers and irons. This is the door to all of it, picking up a classic book written by some of the all-time greats is a great start to look into the key-hole. Also visual aids such as videos are a great way to see how the golf swing should be done.

At the same time your motivation can burn out trying to learn golf for the first time. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy. Because it’s still going to require dedication, time, practice. But this thread is to make it somewhat less foggy.

Ultimately, the best way is to get right in! Jump in and do it!

Golf Books

Below you will see a list of some of the greatest golf books to have ever been written. These books are not something that can just be picked up once and expect to be done with. Often times it is necessary to reference these books years down the line. The key to most of these books is to remember your fundamentals! So without further ado…here is the list.

-> Ben Hogans Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

-> Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

-> Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf

-> Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

-> Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way

-> Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

Golf Videos

-> Butch Harmon About Golf

-> Best Instructional Golf Videos – Learn Basic Golf Swing with Lessons

-> Phil Mickelson Secrets of the Short Game

Learning Golf >> Common Beginner Golf Mistakes

  • Lifting your head too early. If you’re not watching the ball, you ain’t gonna hit it. This is without a doubt, the biggest problem beginners have. Keep watching that ball until your body naturally pulls it up.
  • Straightening your legs. If you’re topping the ball, one of the main causes is standing up all the way which will naturally raise the club head’s path.
  • Not aiming properly. Aiming is actually a lot harder to do intuitively than you’d think. Your feet, thighs, and shoulders should all be lined up at your target. To verify aim, get exactly set up as if you’re about to hit and then hold your club across your shoulders and look where it’s pointed. Adjust as needed. Even my friends who are almost scratch players check their aim occasionally so don’t be afraid to as a beginner. Far better to spend a few seconds checking aim then a few minutes finding a ball in the woods!
  • Swinging too fast/hard. Slow your swing down. Ego is the enemy in golf. I know you want to murder the ball, but your swing is not good enough to handle those speeds yet. Bring the club back slowly, pause slightly when fully rotated, and have a nice, smooth release and follow through. I can basically guarantee you that you will hit the ball farther with more accuracy and way more consistency than you will if you always try to hammer it. Consistency & Accuracy>>>>>>>Distance.
  • Not relaxing. A proper golf swing is very fluid and smooth. If your body is tense and tight, you will not be able to get a good whipping action on the the clubhead which will reduce your distances and also hurt your aim. Try just relaxing with a nice slow swing and see how much easier and better your shots are and body feels.

Learning Golf >> Quick Start Guide


Folks who’ve not ever golfed have the inclination to catch handle and the weapon it like a baseball bat. While it may not seem natural in the beginning, it is crucial that you get the start golfer accustomed to utilizing the correct grasp. Take the weapon in the palm of your hand that is lead –the hand that is closest to the hole. You will want your own thumb to run over the very best of the handle going down. Your back hand–the hand that is farthest from the hole below your lead hand.


About the way you stand in front of the ball, also known as the approach, the most important thing, is that you will be comfy. The fundamentals contain upper body leaning within the ball, somewhat bended knees, although not hunched, arms out in front of you, but not excessively stretched. Your feet must be shoulder width apart, so that there’s equal space between the front and rear foot, and to get a beginner, the ball must be positioned. If you are lined up right to find out, take a 7-iron and run the shaft from your lead foot toe to your own back foot toe. Now, take the club and put the club head behind the ball. It will come up at a 45-degree angle and fit in your hands.


The three crucial measures to the golf swing are the take away, follow through and impact. Each one is essential to making solid contact. Approach and with you hold taken good care of, all there’s left to do would be to hit at the ball. To get a beginner, it is better to keep your feet planted during impact and take away. Upper body and your head should stay still. As you bring the club back, make an effort to maintain your lead arm as transitioning your weight to your rear foot, rotating your hips and straight as you possibly can. As you make contact, keep your eye and let your hips to keep on rotating.

Learning Golf >> Recap

There you go! This guide should give you a great start for you to be on your way to being a great golfer. This guide is  by no means the only thing you need to read to be great at golf, but it sure is a great start. Espcially as a beginner to the game. It is extremely important that a beginner does not build bad habits, and that he/she focused on the fundamentals of the game. So go out there and show em what you got! Goodluck in your golf adventures, I am sure they will be wonderful! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to