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Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs

Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Review

Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Golf Club Set

An overall quality beginner golf club set, the Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set continues to deliver great and reliable results. The clubs have a great quality for what you are paying for, as well as the bag, grips, and head covers. You are guaranteed to feel pleased when you start playing with these clubs, especially as a beginner golfer looking for their first set. The Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set will surely not disappoint any first timer, and will last many many rounds of golfs. The great thing about these clubs is also the price. It allows you to get a feel for the game of golf before investing more and more money into. This is the perfect set to start on as well as getting a few lessons with all that money you save! 

The Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set comes with everything you need to get started on your first round of golf. Be it a work outing or just a round of play with some friends, you are bound to impress your fellow players with your new golf club set. I really recommend these clubs to anyone. With the super forgiving Wilson driver as well the really good 4 Hybrid and putter, you are bound to have great outing after great outing. 

If you are learning, starting or looking for a training golf set, the Wilson Ultra Golf Set are perfect for you!

Get the max distance on every shot with the Ultra Complete Golf Set from Wilson. The Ultra clubs are designed to utilize a player’s raw power and are tailored for all swing speeds. Graphite driver and fairway wood are high launch and improve accuracy naturally. Steel irons are easy to hit from all spots on the course and the high MOI putter is easy to align, yielding accuracy. Great set for players of all abilities.

What’s in the bag?

Driver: Graphite shaft forged driver has a large sweet spot and provides more forgiveness (Headcover included)

Fairway Wood #3: This graphite shaft 3-Wood is very forgiving. 

Hybrids 4H: A great alternative to difficult long irons, cut through the rough with this bad boy.

Irons 5-PW: These stainless steel irons offer a great combination of forgiveness and control.

Putter: Great putter with a custom face that doesn’t cause the ball to jump off


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